Laying here listening to Stevie Wonder
sing "Knocks Me Off My Feet"
I reflect on a childhood gone by.
And I ask, “Why?”
Daddy, why’d you go?
I loved you so very much
I hope you’ll always know.
I pass you often enough,
in the place you’ve rested for 23 years
where a concrete marker announces
those whose lives you’ve touched.
Somehow I drive by,
I can’t bear to think that I am standing atop of you
I think of the the triumphs in my life you’ve missed,
the dilemmas I couldn’t share,
the pride you would have felt.
My medals of honor were pinned on my uniform
And you could not be there.
Sometimes I see your face in the clouds,
A face that I adored
A face so similar to my own
I am the child of three, to most resemble you
But I am determined to strive
And keep the honor
That was always a part of you
I share your love of music
Stevie, Aretha, Marvin & the O’Jays
Grover playing his sax for you up in those clouds
Daddy, I know
In me you’ll always be proud
From you, we three have love
In the names of
Deveret, Derron, Dejaní & Dakiya
These are the grands you’ll never know.
You’ll never hug them, kiss them, teach them
The things that helped us grow.
This is the year that I reach the age
When you lost your battle with life…
In death you were tormented,
Tortured and persecuted.
No one knows for sure
Or remain too afraid to tell
But God forgives all
And you were not sent to rest in Hell.
© Detrel 2001

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